all about ibiza | island facts at a glance
All about Ibiza  

all about ibiza | island facts at a glance

 All about Ibiza
Island facts at a glance

In 30s and 40s, the first large vessels from the then jet set moored for a stay on the still quiet and undiscovered island: Ibiza.
In the fifties the Balearic island of Ibiza was discovered by artists, such as painters, sculptors, writers and poets who have journeyed in large numbers and even established a colony.
In the 60s, hippies also discovered this wonderful, magical island and founded numerous communes there at that time. Although the Spanish government put an end to the expansion of these communes, is Ibiza since been known as the ultimate party island to be.
And also in 2017 Ibiza will once again, as has been the case decades of previous years, be flooded by young people from all over the world who come for dancing and partying in the many clubs that the island is home to..
More information about the whirling dance floors and other night entertainment can be found under Nightlife.

But Ibiza not only meets the perfect conditions for party-goers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, also peace-seekers and nature lovers can fully enjoy this Mediterranean island.
The interior of the island is still wild and pristine and of unequaled beauty.
In recent years, in order to meet a growing demand, an increasing number of accommodations were added to the category - rural holidays - view our offers in the section Agrotourism.
Outside the busy season visitors can certainly make the most of Ibiza's beautiful interiors and the rugged coastline of the island, with its towering cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches and quiet coves and creeks..

Of course it's no problem to enjoy water sports here, such as diving, wakeboarding, water-skiing, sea kayaking, paragliding, high-speed water bike or rubber rafting behind speedboats, and nowadays paddle boarding, wake surfing (NEW!) and cliff diving. Ibiza offers countless opportunities to enjoy the Mediterranean in the most ideal conditions, both in, on and underwater. See Water Sports and Diving.
Also sports, such as biking, motorcycling, hiking and climbing, offer a chance to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
More adventurous types can satisfy their craving for excitement during trips on an off-road motorcycle, trike, moped or quad bike or enjoy during paintball, karting or activities like trekking, rock climbing, potholing (climbing into rock holes), flying an ultra- light airplane, canyoning, hang-gliding, or sailing with a hot air balloon ........ you will find it all in Ibiza Sports.

Ibiza is an island with influences from many cultures where, inter alia introduced by the hippie culture, a variety of alternative wellness festivals, retreats, therapies and workshops are offered, contributing to a more spiritual approach of mind, body and soul, for the overall feeling of wellness and beauty.
A guide to the extensive offer in this sector, in Ibiza, you will find under Wellness.

Of course you will also find a wide range of suitable holiday accommodation such as holiday homes, apartments, villas, beach bungalows and hotels. Check the eponymous headings.

All practical information needed for a pleasant and safe, shorter or longer stay in this beautiful Mediterranean island is gathered here, by IBIZA 4 ALL, and placed in sections for you, to find a solution for any situation that may arise! From reconstruction problems and transportation issues to beauty treatments and massages.

 IBIZA4ALL has everything in a row, see our:

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