ibiza, the island | the climate and tourism
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ibiza, the island | the climate and tourism

Ibiza, the island - the climate and tourism


Ibiza has the most balanced climate of the Balearic Islands. During the long, warm and dry summers daytime temperatures are around 30 C.
January and February are the coldest months with average daytime temperatures of approx 10 degrees and around zero at night, and only exceptionally the temperature drops to -3 C, while in July and August daytime temperatures can rise up to 29 C or 30 C and around 20 C at night.
With an average of 320 days of sunshine and an average rainfall of 413 mm per year, spread over around 45 rainy days, Ibiza is the perfect destination for sun and beach holidays.
They really enjoy these few rainy days on the island, which tend to fall outside the summer months, except an occasional summer thunderstorm.
Snowing in Ibiza, it only does in exceptional cases.


In summer, for decades already, this small Mediterranean island is flooded by huge numbers of travellers from all over the world, looking for the holiday of a lifetime.
A great part is only interested in Ibiza's acclaimed nightlife and want to dance and party on the swirling dance floors of the world famous clubs the island is rich of, where only the best DJ's play their music, or enjoy other night entertainment.
All about the Clubs, Beach bars, Music en the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza

But Ibiza has much more to offer, such as an unrivalled, beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, small uninhabited islands off the coast, a rich cultural life with a vibrant art scene and year by multifarious events.
Ibiza is Wellness, so also in 2017 Europe's number one wellness destination hosting a wide range of divergent retreats, therapies and workshops for improving the body, mind and soul.

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