ibiza winter and almond blossom
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ibiza winter and almond blossom

Ibiza is at its most beautiful in winter, when plants and flowers come into bloom and the island is adorned with many shades of green and flowers in all colors of the rainbow. It is peacefully quiet while temperatures are still pleasant and the sun shines most of the time. In winter it is wonderful to stroll through the flowering fields enjoying hill after hill, or to walk along the glorious deserted beaches and breathe in the healthy, fresh sea air.

The Almond blossom of Ibiza

In January and February the air is filled of the scent of blossom of orange and almond trees in old orchards. It is an nature event that attracts many Spanish visitors who regard it as the announcement of the spring, but also many visitors from other countries are attracted by the display
* Every year in Ibiza, a night walk at full moon in February is held, to enjoy an evening of strolling through the old blossoming orchards with ALMOND BLOSSOM in Santa Agnes.

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