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the island of ibiza | geographical

The island of Ibiza - Geographical

The Balearic archipelago covers more than 50, mostly uninhabited islands, situated in the Balearic Sea, which is part from the Mediterranean Sea, and consists of two groups of islands.
- Islas Gimnesias, or Gymnesian Islands, consisting of Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera plus some surrounding islands including Dragonera, Conejera and Isla del Aire.
- Islas Pitiusas, or Pine Islands, composed of Ibiza and Formentera, plus and number of small, uninhabited islands.

Together with the southern island of Formentera and numerous smaller uninhabited rocky islands, Ibiza forms the island group named: Pityusic Islands or Pityuses (Illes Pitiüses in catalan: - Islas Pitiusas in Spanish) or pine islands, once named after the many pine trees growing yonder.

Ibiza is surrounded by the following islands (clockwise): Islotes de Porroig, Vedranell, Vedrá, Sa Galera, Escull de Cala S’Hort, Espardell de Espartar (Fraile), Espartar (Esparto), Escull de S’Espartar, Esculls de Ses Punxes, Bosc (Bosque), Na Gorra, Es Vaixell, Na Bosc, Bleda Plana, Escull d’en Ramon, Escull Vermell, Escull de Tramontana, Conejera (Conillera), Farellons, Palleret, Islote de Cala Salada, Ses Margalides, Entrepenyes, Isla Murada, Benirràs, Isla de En Calders, Islote de Sa Mesquida (Characa), Punta Galera, Escull d’es Pas, Formigues, S’Escullet, Punta Grossa, Figueral, Islote de S’Hort, Tagomago, Isla de Es Canar, Isla de de Santa Eulalia, Redona, Llados, Negres, Rates, Malvins, Sal Rossa & Esponja.

Between Ibiza and Formentera there is the Es Freus strait, where the following islands are situated (clockwise): Portes, Caragolé, Penjats (Ahorcados), Negres, Punta Rama, Illa d’en Poros, Torretes, Gastaví, Illa de S’Alga, Espalmador, Espardell & Espardelló.

Ibiza, the westernmost island of the Balearic Islands, situated at 38° 59′ N, 1° 26′ E, 90 kilometres east of Spain, is separated from the Spanish mainland, together with the Balearic archipelago, by a 1,500 meters deep strait, the Canal de Ibiza.

Ibiza is a rocky island, mainly consisting of limestone, covering an area of 572.56 square kilometres, it measures 41 km in length N>Z, and is 20 km wide O> W (approximately 6 x smaller than Mallorca) with a total coastline of about 215.2 kilometres length.
Its coast is extremely erratic with many coves and all kinds of beaches, from rocky to beautiful white sandy beaches and on the north side of the island there are a number of impressive high cliffs.
The island is very hilly, with the average altitude 116 meters above sea level ant the highest point at 476 m, of Mountain Atalaya Sa Talaiassa de Sant Josep.
Ibiza island has only one river, the only one in the whole Balearic Islands, the Riu de Santa Eulalia, which, during heavy rainfall, continues to flow impetuously, but nowadays unfortunately lies dry most of the time.

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