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the museums of ibiza


Long before tourists discovered the island of Ibiza this Balearic island was occupied by different nations, for many centuries.
654 years before the Christian era began it were the Phoenicians who occupied the island of Ibiza to build a settlement at Sa Caleta and establish a thriving salt production, before they founded the city Ibosim, now known as Ibiza Town or Vila. The archaeological museum exhibits the remnants of that era
The history of the island is punctuated by raids by pirates and slave traders for centuries, and evidence of this violent past is well preserved in the museums of Ibiza.
In the ethnological museum you can find all about the culture of the islanders, how they lived, what kind of farm equipment they used, and what instruments there were in those days.
 Since humans recollection this beautiful island serves as inspiration for all kinds of artistic expression evident in the various art museums of the island, such as the Puget museum dedicated to local artists, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
plays a leading role in Ibiza, which is home to many artists, and because of the large tourists audience available, the island continuously attracts new international artists who are looking for recognition

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