the ports and marinas of ibiza
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the ports and marinas of ibiza

Because the inhabitants of Ibiza island, in the old days, in order to survive, were dependent on fishing, the island is surrounded by tiny, natural harbors.
From the moment, halfway through the past century, that the very first super yacht moored on the beautiful, yet undiscovered, Mediterranean island, it was necessary for the, at that time 'poor' islanders, to develop proper ports with sufficient berths for larger ships, as well as a range of associated maritime services and general service.
The port of Ibiza - La Marina - is today famous for a lively array of shops and entertainment, even at night.
Today the island is known worldwide for its huge, highly prestigious, modern ports and bustling marinas, which are well worth a visit.
In all ports of Ibiza, the impressive mega yachts of the rich, VIPs and superstars, are moored side-by-side in a flamboyant spectacle of surpassing mega-modern private yachts, sailboats and speedboats, interspersed with some beautiful historic boats such as Turkish galleons and Dutch schooners.
Between the Balearic islands of Ibiza and Formentera, in the Marine Reserve of Ses Salinas, you will find a huge underwater prairie of Posidonia sea grass, unique in the world and very important for the clarity and health of the sea, and everything that lives in there.
To protect the Posidonia fields the PROJECT LIFE POSIDONIA ensured 'responsible & controlled' green berths, where boaters can moor at special eco-buoys, which must be booked in advance, and where all kinds of requirements have to be met.
Find Ibiza's various types of ports in all parts of the island, in a row, completed with all related information.

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